Donate Now Because...



delivers a food package to an elderly Jew in the FSU


delivers 52 weeks of kosher lunches at the JCC senior center


delivers textbooks and supplies to one Hebrew school student


delivers a scholarship for a teen to attend a Judaism and ecology seminar


delivers a local family holiday workshop


delivers medication for an indigent client


delivers 16 counseling sessions for a troubled teen


delivers a cancer family care program


delivers a JCC membership for a new immigrant family


delivers three new books for the Jewish library


delivers plane tickets for a family of four from Kiev to Israel


delivers a month's college living allowance for an Ethiopian student in Israel


delivers two months blood pressure medication for a senior citizen


delivers a month-long stay at the home for the aged


delivers a year's scholarship for a toddler at the JCC early childhood program


delivers special eating utensils for a Jewish nursing home


delivers job interview clothes for a new American immigrant


delivers an AIDS education program in Israel


delivers a personal counselor for a special needs camper


delivers 33 driver's education scholarships for new American immigrants


delivers Shabbat dinner for 10 local college students


delivers a new immigrant caseworker


delivers one speaker at a Jewish education lecture series


delivers a 5-month Hebrew-language program at an absorption center in Israel


delivers two days of emergency food and shelter for a single parent and child


delivers basic necessities for a new Ethiopian immigrant family in Israel


delivers one month of pre-school for an Ethiopian child in Israel


delivers one month of van service to take seniors to the hospital


delivers one day-school scholarship to a needy student


delivers one person's temporary housing at an Israeli absorption center